india | agra vated.

I'm not really aggravated. I just realized "Agra" is the beginning of aggravated, and it gave me a chuckle so I thought I'd share.  Agra was pretty beautiful.  The wonderful thing about our tour to the "Golden Triangle" was the unsuspecting difference between the three cities.  I know that San Francisco, New York, Chicago...etc. each have their own charm, but that's because I grew up around SF and am American.  When I go to other countries, these uniquenesses between cities can be overlooked as a tourist.  Agra appealed to the architect in me. When we arrived in Agra we took a break at our hotel then headed to the Agra Fort.  Like I said in another post, it poured for most of visit, but the fort was actually pretty beautiful still.  We had a chance to see the Taj Mahal from this fort.  The fort looked more like a palace than anything.  (Maybe it was and I just wasn't paying attention to the tour guide.)  The thing I love about the architecture at this particular fort was the symmetry and pattern.  I love a good pattern.  I also love a good arch which there were plenty of here.

While we traveled around India it was apparent how fascinated these people were with the blonds in our group.  Like in Asia they were constantly stopping my friends for pictures.  It was pretty hilarious.