New York | The Meatball Shop

So.. the Meatball Shop. It was delicious. Back in march when I visited New York, Karen sent me this email that basically said that she and three of my girlfriends were all free one night and we were going to have a girls dinner.  I was excited.  I was a little perplexed because I didn't know they all hung out together, but I thought, "Whatevs. It's a meatball shop!"  We went to the one on Greenwich, and it was everything I hoped it to be.  A cute cozy interior with a menu full of options. I could choose the type of meatball, how it was served and the type of sauce.  I forgot what I ordered, but it was delicious.  You could also order floats and an ice cream sandwich which also had options (yay) to choose the ice cream and the cookie.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meatball feast of sliders.

At the end, to my surprise.... the waitress started singing "Happy Birthday", and I was like... "Who's that for??" When they came towards me I was so HURRAY!  It was very exciting.  I really love surprises.  This was a delightful one.  I really enjoy the company of these four ladies, and I'm glad I could spend my birthday with them.