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What 2014 looks like to me.

the 7th year of this blog.  I'm so excited that I've made it this far with my blog.  What started out as way to document my life after college as an architect who loved making crafts evolved into this place to share my travels, photography, business and heart.  I love that I've lasted this so long .  And after 7 years

a year of "true".  Last year I participated in "One Little Word" with Ali Edwards, choosing the word "fresh" for 2013.  Basically, through OLW class you choose a word and focus on it throughout the year with the help of Ali's classes/assignments.  Every month you pair your word with another word.  For example, some of my months were fresh heart, fresh start, be fresh..etc then you set intentions/goals for that month.  Throughout 2013 I found it really helpful and encouraging to have this word.  I loved it last year, so this year I'm doing OLW again, and my word for 2014 is "true".  I can't wait to see what life and God have in store for me.

 the 6th year of being in business. So I've heard a lot businesses don't survive beyond the 5 and 10 year marks.  Evidently, once you pass the ten year mark you're golden.  So passing year five has been quite an accomplishment.  I've been self-employed five years and going strong, and will get to celebrate the end of year six during the throes of wedding season.  My life as a wedding photographer has been such a blessing.  I never take for granted what beautiful memories I get to share with my clients.  I cherish them for choosing me to be a part of their lives.  I love love. seriously.

travel.  Every year I travel, but this year travel will mean something a little different to me.  I'll be traveling mostly for work (more out of state weddings!!), but will have some special trips in the mix, like hopefully be traveling for my birthday (my 30th! woot!) and a few trips to visit my man friend. :D  Also, I'm also going to be choosing to stay at home a lot more.  I still love to travel, but since my mom passed away, I'm not so focused on traveling just for the sake of traveling but to be a lot more intentional with my time… shorter and fewer trips.

a clean slate.  It's such a cliche new year's thing to say, but I recently moved upstairs to a new room, so for me it's a new beginning! I'm excited to reorganize everything and decorate! Finally, I'll have a place to put my collection of prints and artwork.

books.  I am still determined to reach my goal of 52 books in one year.  In 2012 I read 24 books, and sadly in 2013 I only read 20 books, but I still have hope! I think I can do it! Not to mention I'm in search for the perfect reading chair for my new room, so I think that'll help!

in a relationship. I ended 2013 with a new wonderful man friend, and am looking forward to where God leads us in 2014.  2014 might just be our year.