the coastal highway. the long road home.

"I would wear a full-length cape if I could get away with it - I do love a good swirl in a fog. " Martin Freeman

These are few left over pictures from my wonderful photo trip to Mendocino County with my girlfriends.  One thing I forget I always love about the Bay Area is the fog.  It's beautiful.  It's poetic.  It's haunting.  It's just simply one of my favorite things about the Bay Area.

I will always remember the smell of fog in the morning in the fall when I was young.  Fond memories, indeed.

Mendocino County Photography | Chantel.

my collection of happy moments.

"A good life is a collection of happy moments" - Denis Waitley

I started this blog in 2007 right after graduating university and returning from a month-long backpacking trip around Europe.  As I've evolved so has this blog.  Originally this blog was a way to document all the personal things that were happening in my life including my first full-time job as an architect.  Now that my life has change my blog is a home to my stories of a world-traveling, photographer.

Over the years I've been advised to separate my professional work from my personal posts, but I'm content to keep it all on one blog because honestly, I can't separate the two.  I put so much of myself in my career as a photographer and so much of my business is infused into my personal life.  It just doesn't make sense to have two separate blogs.

For all my clients,

Look at this blog not necessarily for my most recent work but to take a glimpse at me.  See if I'm a good match for you.  See if you can relate to my love for coffee shops and public transportation.  Or (momentarily) quell your thirst for adventure by reading about my travels.

Read through my posts and think about if you'd like to spend an afternoon letting me photograph your adventures or giving me the honor of spending your entire wedding day with you, capturing your happy moments.

Whatever reason you've stumbled across my blog, I hope you enjoy my little adventures.


Arena Cove | the perfect lazy day

This little getaway was so perfect for me.  I admit I was stressed with work leading up to this trip.  (I even forgot we had planned this trip.  When at the last minute I realized the girls trip was that weekend!)  So this trip was the perfect break for me.  Looking at our little cabin you can imagine just how relaxed I was.  The cabin was so cozy.  I loved it.  We spent so much time just talking about life and photography and getting to know each other.  That's probably what rejuvenated me most... all the sharing and caring and helping. :)  Sharing is caring, of course.

The more I travel the less I plan.  I love to just explore the area I'm visiting.  And going with the flow.  The trip was just like that.  We just took our time and did whatever we felt like.  The Arena Cove was about a mile away from our little cabin.  It was here we saw our townies.  The town felt like a ghost town the days before.  We saw hardly any people.  This day the town was hoppin.  It was kind of weird.  There were a lot of locals and surfers at Arena Cove and the smell of weed filled the parking lot.  haha.

I loved the scenery.  Yay.

Gualala Point County Park | where the river meets the sea.

On our hike I saw so much.  It's incredible how much you can see when you take the time to look.  It's probably the reason why I love walking so much; I really get to know my surroundings when I walk.  And probably because I am easily fascinated.  :)  One of the best parts of this hike were the benches lining the trail.  People wrote such beautiful things for their loved ones on these benches.  I wonder what my bench would say if I had one...