the wind and the blinds.

Today it's a nice 80ish degrees. So it's summer...I think. With the Bay Area, more specifically living here right by the water, summer weather is rare... in my opinion. (I'm almost always cold so it's usually colder than it's hotter.) So for the first time in months, the heat's called for me to open the windows and let a cool breeze come in. I'd been sitting here for about three hours before I realized I wasn't playing any music. And usually whenever I'm working I need to play some music to keep me focused and productive. But not today. Today I listen to the music of the wind breezing through the trees, wrestling through its leaves. The light "kink" and "cant" noises the blinds make as the breeze hits it against the window. The steps of children running up their front doors and neighbors taking walks. It all lulls together to this calming, gentle melody.

I love days like this. In these moments it's easy to remember that today is God's day. And not just that today is Sunday, but that I owe every day of my life to Him. Every joyful, peaceful moment is His. He gives every good and perfect gift. And today, right now is a good and perfect gift for sure.

~Meg 1176 denver

the picture above is from my trip to denver. :)

denver | on being cilantro.

Cilantro.  People either love it or hate it. I just finished a three day retreat, Business As An Artform, centered on how to run a business, specifically, how to integrate your artistry into your business.  One of the speakers, Kristen of Brand Camp, emphasized how important it was to "go for it".  She used the illustration of people's reactions to cilantro to how we need to get to a point in our business where people absolutely loved us (or hated us).  That being in the middle and generating "eh" responses from people was not a good thing.  I pretty much agree.  (I did think it was interesting how this concept of being awesomely polar is also mentioned in the Bible how God wants us to be hot or cold, not lukewarm.)  She shared a lot more valuable advice, and I'm so grateful I got to hear her speak.

.   .   .   .   .

Today I had a one-on-one with Steve Saporito, and he gave me some amazing advice how to specifically improve my business.  He peppered our chat with "I believe in you." "I know you can do this."  "I see it in you."  And I came out of our one-on-one feeling extremely empowered.  It's amazing how much someone can motivate you to believe in yourself.

I'll be honest.  I didn't always have the most confidence in myself.  All through my life it felt like people didn't believe in me (even if they did).  I felt like everyone expected me to fail.  And when I started my business, I had no idea it could be as successful as it's become nor imagine it growing like it has.  Now five years later I can accept those encouraging words and I can truly believe people when they believe me.  I've become comfortable in my own skin.  I learned where to find my happiness in the hardest of times.  And I even believe myself what potential me and my business have.

This retreat, the speakers and the other attendees have been such a blessing and encouragement.  I'm certain they'll be the catalyst that pushes me and my business to new heights.


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