Birth Story | Karis

Today I witnessed a miracle.  And her name is Karis. 

The best Valentine's Day to date.

Let me tell you something about Valentine's Day.  Some people say it's about being with someone you're in love with, to be with your significant other.  I say it's sharing, spreading, experiencing love... period.   So I was more than overjoyed today to document the birth of Audrey.  Child birth never fails to amaze me.  And I can honestly say witnessing child birth is one of the most amazing, breathtaking things I've ever seen.  And I've seen some amazing stuff.  What better way to spend the day of love than witnessing the outpouring love towards this little girl.  It's incredible.  Babies are seriously miracles. What a great Valentine's Day surprise. See below to view a miracle.


Introduction of a Stranger

Made a few connections with vendors at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Show at Fort Mason! I even got a client from the fair!

Robert's partner of Mahar Drygoods, vintage & artisan crafted curiosities for children.... wearing a birthday sash David of Super Module letterpress goods

Derek of Bound in Circles creating gorgeous hand-bound, eco-friendly journals

San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason is one of my favorite fairs up here in the Bay Area. I thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by crafters/artists and other fun (and often random) enthusiasts. Where else can you find such great handmade goods, all while gaining inspiration and encouragement for your own creative pursuits?

I meet such wonderful people whenever I go to renegade.. including Ben and Liz, a couple who I am elated to shoot soon! I came across Liz's booth and was convinced to buy one of her handmade rings to replace my rings (one from Cambodia and the other from Peru) with one of hers. And I've worn her ring since then. I also discovered my middle finger is a size six, my thumb is six and a quarter and my ring finger is a five and a quarter. Good to know!

Anyway, the Renegade Christmas Craft Fair is coming up Dec 18 & 19! Am so excited!