bun mee

I'm freezing my butt off here. Who knew the south could get this cold.  Last night it was 0 degrees, "feels like -12 degrees", and all I've been dreaming about is hot pho and won ton soup.  Living here reminds me a lot of living in SLO.  I'm surrounded by mostly white people, and good asian food is almost nonexistent.  I remember the drives from SLO home, anxious for some dim sum and cha siu baos.  I'm hoping… praying I can find some decent asian food around here. I met an asian guy who was born and raised in Birmingham, so surely he must know of something yums here.  In the meantime I'll salivate over the vietnamese sandwiches I'd eat on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.  After my shoots in Pacific Heights I'd walk down the street and have lunch (then visit paper source.)

Bun Mee isn't the most authentic Vietnamese food, but it sure hit the spot after mornings of shooting.


p.s. If you were wondering… I can't even make won ton from scratch because I can't find ground pork anywhere. I forgot from my SLO days that it was an asian thing.


Bun Mee, 2015 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. November 21, 2014 | Canon 5d markii, 50mm 1.2L


1400 precita park cafe1 This is the cute little brunch, coffee shop spot Lance took me to the day he proposed. I just love it so much.  It's bright and cheery and has lots of personality.  The food was really tasty.  Lance and I both got breakfast sandwiches and pear juice.

I'm so happy to have these pictures.  I remember how I felt so happy to be with Lance not knowing the ring was in his pocket or that later that day he'd be proposing.  He'd been so thoughtful in choosing a brunch place that he knew I'd love.  He really knows me so well.  I love him for that.  He remembers what I like and takes note of it for future gifts and surprises.  He's just so sweet like that.


1400 precita park cafe2 1400 precita park cafe3 1400 precita park cafe4 1400 precita park cafe5 1400 precita park cafe6 1400 precita park cafe7 1400 precita park cafe8

Precita Park Cafe 500 Precita Ave San Francisco, CA 94110


San Francisco. August 30, 2014 | Fuji x100s

norfolk | handsome biscuit

If you're ever in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, you must eat at Handsome Biscuit.  When my friend Lisa found out I was visiting Lance in Virginia Beach, she told me I must try Handsome Biscuit.  I passed the recommendation along to Lance and his friends had been telling him the same thing.  So during my visit we made it a point to fit it into our schedule.  Handsome Biscuit is located in a random (somewhat shady) area of Ghent in Norfolk.  It's just a little building with some indoor tables and a small outdoor porch.  Even though we heard it was usually crowded, it was pretty empty when we visited so we snag a table in the corner.  If you're thinking these biscuits look good, you're right. They were sooooooooooooo delicious. Lance and I both order the Hella Fitzgerald with fried Chicken with bacon, cheddar, and red eye sausage gravy and shared a side of hash browns.  The Hella Fitzerald was AMAZING.  I had just eaten at Hominy Grill in Charleston where I ordered a similar meal (fried chicken and biscuits and gravy) but while it was also very delicious, it wasn't nearly as yummy as Handsome Biscuit.  I definitely want to try all the other biscuits the next time I visit.  (Lance also ordered a sweet potato soda which sounds disgusting but was surprising delicious and light. )

Handsome Biscuit Norfolk Handsome Biscuit Norfolk Handsome Biscuit NorfolkHandsome Biscuit NorfolkHandsome Biscuit Norfolk Handsome Biscuit Norfolk

Handsome Biscuit 2511 Colonial Ave Park Place - Norfolk, VA 23517

on cooking.

1337 cooking tom ga kai1

I can cook… maybe?  I really don't know much about cooking.  I pretty much cook to survive.  I blame it on college when I learned to cook.  I was in my lab most of the time, so cooking was the lowest priority.  When I cooked I either cooked something very basic or if it was complex, enough for twenty people so I could freeze the meals for future consumption.  (I actually still cook like that. woops.)  Although my cooking repertoire is limited, I'm pretty good at making stir fry and dumplings and cooking rice in a pot. :D  Is it sad that cooking rice in a pot is an accomplishment for me? haha.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of cooking myself, I do enjoy cooking with people and watching them do their thing.  (And eating the spoils of their labor, of course.)  So I had fun capturing a bit of Kim's process as she cooked Tom Ka Gai.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the end result, but it was indeed yummy.  Check out her blog for some great posts about fashion, food and life.  And be sure to watch the video at the end of this post!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/84045148 width=850 height=479]

1337 cooking tom ga kai2 1337 cooking tom ga kai3 1337 cooking tom ga kai4 1337 cooking tom ga kai6 1337 cooking tom ga kai7 1337 cooking tom ga kai8

p.s. Did you spy Kim's little helper in her chambray shirt?

Miami | Yardbird.

1326 yardbird miami01When I found out I was dropping by Miami, I contacted Kelly for some yummy food recs. Yardbird was one of her recommendations. Boy, she did not disappoint. My sisters and I stayed at the Catalina Hotel on Collins between 17th and 18th, so Yardbird was within walking distance. (It was located near the end of the shopping on Lincoln Street.)

Yardbird hit me at all sides. I loved the style of the building, with it's homey and industrial mix of decor and the lovely outdoor eating area. I loved the bottled ginger ale.  I love the brunch crowd.  But its crown and glory is definitely it's food. The two dishes I couldn't stop eating were Llewellyn's Fine Fried Chicken with the Tabasco sauce and the fried green tomato blt. The other dishes we ordered were also incredibly delicious; the mac and cheese was a close third of my favorites.

Enjoy. Drool. Be jealous.

1326 yardbird miami02 1326 yardbird miami03

Chilled Watermelon | spiced with pepper, tossed with lemon and herbs Llewellyn's Fine Fried Chicken | 1/2 free range bird, "27-hour" recipe, spicy Tobasco honey Big Ol' Cheddar Waffle | cheddar, green tomato chow chow, Bourbon maple syrup 1326 yardbird miami04

Macaroni & Cheese | Torchio pasta, 5 artisanal cheese, crispy herb crust 1326 yardbird miami05

Fried Green Tomato BLT | Heritage Acres Farm pork belly, greens, fried green tomatoes, tomato jam, house-made pimento cheese 1326 yardbird miami06 1326 yardbird miami07 1326 yardbird miami08 1326 yardbird miami09