Ali is one of my favorite people to photograph.  

I met Ali back at my very first Alt Summit.  I actually photographed her before I met her because she happened to be wearing an amazing necklace that I snapped a photo of in passing.  Flash forward and I've been photographing her outfits since then.   I absolutely love her style.  She has a way of mixing unexpected pieces.

I always love meeting up with her and exchanging book recommendations.  You should check out her blog, In Jackie's Shoes, where she writes about fashion and all kinds of fascinating things.  She's a thoughtful writer, and I always love hearing what she has to say. 


San Francisco, CA. September 3, 2015 | Canon 5dmarkii 50mm 1.2L


Hold, hold on, hold onto me
'Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady
Hold, hold on, hold onto me
'Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady

Been editing to this amazing song, "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors. Thought I'd thrown in the pictures from way back of AnnaLisa and Kim from our Mendocino trip. Love the song. Love the images.

p.s. feeling very steady nowadays. ptl.

San Francisco | Adventures with Kelly Purkey pt. 2

When Kelly asked me to photograph her she said I could pick a location I've always wanted to shoot at.  I immediately thought of the Daily City Bart Station.  I have absolutely always wanted to photograph someone there with the fog.  If you've ever been to Daily City or Daily City Bart you know that it is always cold.  No matter what the weather is like anywhere else, it's always cold and overcast.  Of course the one day of the year it's not overcast is the day I shoot there.  You can't tell, but it was still pretty cold.  The New Yorker (/Chicago Resident/Michigan Native) Kelly said it was warm.  It probably was warm.  I'm always cold. This session with Kelly was probably one of my favorites of all time.  Everything came out better than I imagined.  I loved shooting these photographs.  I loved editing them.  super. fun. amazing.

San Francisco | Adventures with Kelly Purkey pt.1

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A while back Kelly Purkey came to visit San Francisco and we took that opportunity to have a little bit of a photoshoot.  I have too many pictures I love from her session that I had to split up her shoot in two blog posts. :D  I met her at the International Terminal at SFO after she arrived from her flight from Michigan.  Kelly did spruce up a bit and change before I started photographing her, but she honestly didn't need it.  haha.  When I met up with her I actually was in awe how great she looked after her long flight.  We went wandering through the terminal, and as you can tell.... I'm very funny. :)

As you can tell by her pictures, Kelly is such a friendly, warm person.  I love hanging out and catching up with her.  She's awesome.  And she's so talented.  She has her own line of stamps and project life goodies.  I stockpile her fun products whenever they come out.

I loved the idea of photographing her at an airport because she seems like such a wanderlust/jetsetter to me.  That's actually how I came upon her blog.  I loved seeing pictures of her adventures through New York and her scrapbooking trips around the world.  Now that she's in Chicago I can't wait to see what other exciting things she discovers.