my traveling companion.

If you hadn't realized it, I went on a two week european adventure. Most of my trips I travel on my own but this one I traveled with my little cousin Sam. She's actually not little, although she is kind of petite in stature. She's 21 but she's almost nine years younger than me, so I'm going to be calling her my "little" cousin for a while before I realize she's actually an adult. She has the travel bug, and I attribute that to her upcoming graduation. So we traveled around Paris, Milan and Rome. It was great. She always seemed to pick the tastier meal, but thankfully she always let me try her food. yum. There were times I tried to pawn her off on "hot" Italian guys, but that's another story. haha.

p.s. don't you just love all the stalker pictures I took of her. hahah.