El Capitan Canyon on Film

A couple weeks back I had the honor of attending Field Trip.  It took place at the picturesque El Capitan Canyon, just a bit north of Santa Barbara.  If I ever plan a retreat or family reunion or adventure, I'm coming back. The campgrounds were absolutely gorgeous, with the mountains and beach just a short hike away. It was amazing, and I loved the experience of it all.  The guys who planned it totally went all out to provide us with some awesome experiences.

One of those experiences was the opportunity to borrow medium format cameras from Indie Film Lab.  I checked out the Hasselblad and the Indie Film Lab guys helped me load the film and taught me how to use the camera.

I loved shooting on this little Hasselblad. It's so different from the digital cameras I normally use.  With the Hasselblad, the image is inverted somehow so framing the subject had a bit of a learning curve (and some of my images turned out real slanted).  The other big adjustment was the lack of an in-camera light meter. (Yikes.) I didn't know what I was doing. I guess-timated all my settings, and thankfully they all turned out alright. Funnily enough, the person who worked on my images commented, "Your exposures and metering look great on this roll!" High Fives!!

I'm so thankful to Indie for lending these cameras and processing and scanning my film for free. In any normal circumstances I definitely could not afford a Hasselblad, so I'm indebted to them for this once-in-a-blue-moon experience. 


El Capitan Canyon, 11560 Calle Real, Goleta, CA, 93117. February 23, 2016 | Hasselblad + Processed by Indie Film Lab


For the past three years my friend Gabe has organized an annual trip for all of our college friends.  Our past trips took us to Lake Tahoe.  This past year we went to Yosemite!  After all those years living in California, it was only my second time visiting Yosemite.  Like always, it was loads of fun. Gabe and James organized a huge cabin in the woods for us.  It was beautiful.  After settling in we spent the next day hiking through Yosemite.  I couldn't tell you where we went, but I loved the views.

I can't to go back and do some real hiking!

boba time.

Before I got married, I made my list of things to do in the Bay Area before the end of the year.  Boba was a big priority, knowing very well that it'd be hard to find in Birmingham.  When Lance visited me in California for Thanksgiving, we were exploring the mission when we came across Boba Guys! I'd been wanting to try Boba Guys for a looooooong time, and it was on my list, so I was so excited/happy/overjoyed to try it.  Lance had the horchata with boba, and I had the slow milk lychee green tea from the with almond jelly and boba.  Oh how yummy it was.  Oh man. But "yummy" doesn't even really measure up to its tastiness.  The teas are sooooo well made and the boba has a subtle flavor that's just sooooooo good.

Lance and I drank a lot of boba when he visited, but Boba Guys really is hands-down the best boba and milk tea I've ever had.  When I was getting my dress fittings I realized another Boba Guys location was along my bus route from the bridal store back to bart.  So every week for three weeks after my fittings I got some boba at the Stockton location.  As wedding planning and work got crazy I didn't get a chance to go again.  And sadly, I think those were the last times I had boba before I left.

In preparation of my move, Lance found a Chinese market for us to shop at.  We just went last night and discovered we could buy boba and milk tea ingredients! I'm so excited to do some experimenting to make us some boba drinks at home. woot.


Boba Guys. 3491 19th Street, San Francisco, CA. November 28, 2014 | Fuji x100s

bun mee

I'm freezing my butt off here. Who knew the south could get this cold.  Last night it was 0 degrees, "feels like -12 degrees", and all I've been dreaming about is hot pho and won ton soup.  Living here reminds me a lot of living in SLO.  I'm surrounded by mostly white people, and good asian food is almost nonexistent.  I remember the drives from SLO home, anxious for some dim sum and cha siu baos.  I'm hoping… praying I can find some decent asian food around here. I met an asian guy who was born and raised in Birmingham, so surely he must know of something yums here.  In the meantime I'll salivate over the vietnamese sandwiches I'd eat on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.  After my shoots in Pacific Heights I'd walk down the street and have lunch (then visit paper source.)

Bun Mee isn't the most authentic Vietnamese food, but it sure hit the spot after mornings of shooting.


p.s. If you were wondering… I can't even make won ton from scratch because I can't find ground pork anywhere. I forgot from my SLO days that it was an asian thing.


Bun Mee, 2015 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. November 21, 2014 | Canon 5d markii, 50mm 1.2L