august adventure 14: the home stretch

Dance of a Nomad: Day 22, Phoenix, AZ Much to my disappointment, I'm stuck indoors working... editing.  Thankfully I am at the cutest coffee shop, Cartel Coffee Lab.  Once this shop closes, I'll head off to the pool, shower, eat creme brule, then head out to the airport.  However, I'm really starting to love this 110 degree heat.  I'm crazy; yeah, I know.  But after the cold of the Bay Area, to the humidity of the midwest and east coast, I welcome this dry heat.  I love it.

Here's a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, whom I love, about travel. Thanks, Junshien, for bringing this quote to my attention.

picture taken on 880, with my Canon 30D and processed with Poladroid.

august adventure 12: enduring the heat.

Dance of a Nomad: Day 21, Phoenix, Arizona. As you guessed, I am sitting in a coffee shop doing some work and editing.  I had originally planned not to work on this leg of my trip, but with some extenuating circumstances and lots, lots, lots of editing to do... I'm stuck indoors.  I'll take a short break at the pool and at some place for happy hour, but  will be a fun work day, escaping the 110 degree heat of Arizona.

Katy, travel buddy extrodinaire, has just left.  She joined me yesterday for a fun-packed day of shopping, refreshments, unhealthy tasty food, "swimming" and walking.  Delightful.

I'll post a more thorough post in due time, but for now... happy coffee-shopping!

august adventure 11: recap

Dance of a Nomad: Day 17, Chambersburg, PA Since August 4, I've traveled/visited these locations

Fargo, North Dakota Moorhead, Minnesota New York, New York Virginia Maryland Chambersburg, PA

Then will be visiting these....

Harrisburg, PA Phoenix, AZ then home!

I've had a splendid time on this trip.  But with each location and visit to a friend, I am reluctant to leave.  It's been a blast chatting with friends and pretending to be their roommates.  I can't wait to go home to see friends, but I don't want this adventure to end!  Until I can provide some substantial posts, here is a preview of my favorite pictures from New York.

august adventure 1: dance of the nomad.

Dance of a Nomad: Day 1, Fargo, North Dakota. Hey!

Did I tell you I'm on a month long trip of travel?  All thanks to Katie Lewis.  She emailed asking an innocent question, "What are you doing August 5-9?"  I had no plans of traveling, so my answer was "nothing".  I later came to discover she needed a second shooter and invited me to Fargo to shoot a super cute wedding this weekend.  From there, madness ensued.  I figured out that I could pay a small sum to travel three more weeks and go to.... New York, DC, Pennsylvania and Phoenix!

So now I am in Fargo, North Dakota... enjoying true summer weather. woot.  Today is Day 1 of my month of traveling.  Enjoy the adventure with me!

As I type, I am taking a break from editing for Junshien and editing Grace & Chris' session while Katie sits next to me working away on ShootQ.  Tomorrow we will be off to Katie's office in downtown fargo for a good day of working and hopefully pick up tickets to a minor league baseball, featuring the Fargo Moorhead Red Hawks.