This weekend has been so awesome.  Last night I photographed Secret Stages, a musical festival here in Birmingham, and I'll be at it again tonight for day 2 of the festival. They've had over 60 bands, and it's been so amazing walking around to their seven venues listening to all the music.  I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our local artists, Chad Fisher, earlier this week. 

I met up with Chad at a coffee shop and was immediately impressed by his warm and casual demeanor.  Chad is really a true artist, a man in love with music and all that it encompasses.  He learned the trombone as a child and developed a interest in jazz early on.  As he continued to hone his craft through college, music organically became his living. 

Just talking to Chad you get a feeling that you're missing something from your own life.  You see his passion for music radiate from him as speaks, and you feel some sort of envy that he's found it. He's always creating music, whether en route to his next show or relaxing in his downtown apartment.  You've got to love that music literally is his life.  There's no delineation between the music and the rest of his life; it's just an ever-changing entity.

In addition to playing Chad also teaches trombone.  When asked what advice he gives his students, he very graciously and genuinely answered that they teach him more than he teaches them.  He finds inspiration from their spirit and the different musicians they're into. 

After meeting with Chad I just felt so good about life.  He just loves music so much that that passion kind of rubbed off on me after talking to him.  I was so hyped up to write this post because he's definitely one to watch at Secret Stages.

So if you get a chance, he's playing with St. Paul and The Broken Bones tonight at 12:15am at Rogue Tavern! 

*This post was sponsored by Secret Stages, but all the words and opinions are my own.


Image courtesy of Chad Fisher.