screen printing

So my cousin, the industrial designer, always comes up with wonderful activities for us to do. Today's activity was screen printing. I screen printed in school with a ton of great equipment, but being the recent grad that she is, her setup was much more modest, although quite successful. Instead of burning the print on the screen and needing a new screen for each design, she figured out that by cutting paper and working with the positive/negative space, she could use the screen for many different designs by just changing the paper. THINK: paper stencil for a screen. Here's how it turned out! it took two people to do each print, one to spread the paint and the other to hold down the screen 001screenprint1.jpg

each print didn't take very long, but we did A LOT of screen printing 001screenprint2.jpg

meanwhile here are some cute shoes my cousin bought for my little niece 001screenprint3.jpg 001screenprint4.jpg

this is the finished product. green fabric ink on beige/pink thin muslin type cloth 001screenprint5.jpg 001screenprint6.jpg

here are the pieces of paper i used for the negative space (there were also paper frames, not shown, to create that outter line around the leave) pretty much, anything i didnt want paint on, was covered in paper. 001screenprint7.jpg 001screenprint8.jpg