I had a wonderful weekend. It was definitely a lot of fun and just what I needed. I love jellyfish, but for some reason, I hadn't realized, until then, that they don't have eyes! I'm crazy, huh? There were so many beautiful things to look at, including this really strange fish that had four fins! We had lunch, visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, wandered and explored! I loved it so much, that's why I have so many pictures to share with u all!

this bird had lunch with us. i liked his little webby feet 015monterey01.jpg

i love jellyfish! 015monterey02.jpg







one fish, two fish, starfish! 015monterey04.jpg

fish in a bottle, anyone? 015monterey05.jpg

i hate snails, but this one is pretty cute 015monterey06.jpg

this girl was freaking out! 015monterey07.jpg

sea annnnenooooo anennno annenenn o me 015monterey08.jpg

watching people watch fish 015monterey11.jpg

this picture can't capture how beautiful this was! 015monterey10.jpg