alameda flea!

One day I was reading a magazine and I came across an article listing all the reasons why road trips across America are so awesome. While I was reading it, I was surprised to see the Alameda Antique Flea Market as one of the reasons! I thought to myself, "Hey! I know where that is!"

Weeks went by and I finally got around to going. It was so amazing. There was so much to see and buy that I felt like a kid in a candy store. I didn't end up buying anything because I decided I used this particular trip to scope out the goodies.

The flea market is at a really awesome venue--the old Alameda Naval Base. There are views of the Bay Bridge, Berkeley Marina and the San Francisco Skyline, as seen in my previous post. You can also check out sfgirlbybay posts: 1 2

Here are some little goodies that caught my eye

happy vintage/antique shopping!