Day 011: The Lathe

105day011 So I went to my sister's volleyball game and met some of the players on her team. One such player, Liz was interesting. She grew up in the town where I went to college and knows one of my few local friends that also grew up there. She went to high school with him. What a small world. I later found out she went to the college that my cousin attended. Liz is a wood-worker and spent a lot of her time in the wood shop.

So that reminds me of the story my cousin tells me about getting hit in the head when she was working on the lathe. It was a pretty bad hit to the head and she has a scar on her forehead to this day. It's sad, but it makes me laugh a little. I miss my cousin. Isn't she pretty? She's the one in the picture above in our venice hotel room.