Day 032: San Diego Zoo

I don't have any pictures from Disneyland. The only proof I have of my Disney adventure is the Nemo plush hat (shown below) that I bought for my niece. San Diego was wonderful. I got to visit the famous San Diego Zoo. And, although I was impressed by the park itself, the selection of animals were alright in comparison to the San Francisco Zoo. Needless to say I had a lot of fun and appreciated the free bus tour that saved me from the rain and let me see all the wonderful animals I'd miss. I really enjoyed the camels and the koalas. I loved that the peacocks were just walking around. I noticed the one shown below just hanging out above me. Sweet! 126day032a





Anyone else think that orangutan (shown above) looks like a little man? He has such character! I love it! I found the picture shown below in my dictionary. It's so true. This guy is just like a little "forest person"! 126day032f