Airports, Photoshop, Collages... Oh my!

I really do love airports. I like to stare off through the windows and look at the airplanes. I'll watch the workers load airplanes or drive their little truck things around. I love watching the airplanes taxi out to the runway. As I was doing this in Charlotte, NC on my layover from New York to San Antonio, I discovered that Photoshop has an automated collage doo-hicky! I snapped a collection of pictures while at the Charlotte airport (about 12 days ago), and made a collage on the plane (in the sky!) from Phoenix to Oakland! Here it is below. 283panorama

>>>>Just go into photoshop... File > Automate > Photomerge, I chose "collage" and selected my pictures and Photoshop did the rest!

I can guarantee you I'll be making a ton of these in the near future! woot.