When I was working on my thesis in architecture school, I used love working in studio. I think it's the most productive environment I've ever worked in. Imagine 18 busy students in a dark 100. Everyone with spotlights and lamps focused on our desks/projects. Everyone working to the same non-descript music... the perfect white noise. No one making very much noise or disturbing anyone else. You look up from your desk, tempted to take a break, when you see everyone else working very diligently.... you feel a bit guilty even considering a break.


Flash forward to now, I'm hiding in my bathroom because it's so noisy everywhere else in my house that I can't drown it out by music. My bathroom is perfect. It's warm, the fan is drowning out all the distracting sounds (there's a lot of noise going on in adjoining rooms), there's carpet and good light. I can't wait to live alone.  

I think maybe people forget that I work from home and that noise = distractions = low productivity = no money = megan starves. (hahah. just kidding about the starving part).  That, or people usually forget I'm home.  hahah.  I think it would be amazing if there was a free space where freelancers could meet and work and drown out distractions with that perfect white noise. <3

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