Day 194: de ja vu

[ New York/Texas Trip ]: Day 7 There was this cute restaurant by my girlfriend's place that I was constantly passing. One day, as she and her man friend went to his apartment, I decided I'd part ways and take a little late lunch here. I sat in the corner in one of the open booths and realized I sat there a year and half earlier with my buddy Deric. It was the exact restaurant, table and I was even sitting in the same seat at the table!

I remember it fondly. I was staying at my friend's place on 43rd between 8th and 9th and running late as always. There was a big street fair going on, and I was getting wildly distracted on my way to meet Deric. He waved me down and we ate brunch at this cute little place. Deric told me about all the wonders of living in New York, as he was one us who took the spring "blind date" internships in New York the year before. (I was the only one of the 9 from my class who did the internship and did not end up moving to New York) He told me about a photo project he wanted to start... documenting his commute to and from work. { Every now and then when I ride public transportation here, I think about his project and think about doing the same for my own "commute" }

Either way... this particular meal I ate alone, enjoying the peace and solitude of my penne. yum.