Once again I'm in an airport, MDW in Chicago more specifically. I made it through my first solo buddy pass attempt! I got on to my 6:45am flight from SFO to MDW with great success. I sat next to a young man who was a corporate lawyer. It's so funny to see grown men in full suits still playing video games. On my other side was a news reporter who insisted I watch her reel of all her clips. She looked kind of old, but she was only 29. She was real nice. So now I'm sitting here and it looks like I'm going to get on to this "FULL" flight to New York that's not really full! woot. Wait.. just kidding.. maybe I won't get a pass. Nuts! I'll cross my fingers and obviously post some more if I don't make it on to this flight to New York. I actually wouldn't mind staying at this airport all day. The chairs are comfy!