Day 231: Madewell is Made Well. I think.

[ Another New York Trip ]: Day 4 Alison introduced me to Madewell. Unfortunately, It didn't sink in when I saw it in Texas, so I was grateful that we went in New York. Alison had told me that Madewell was a sister to J.Crew. Naturally, my love for J.Crew was transfered to its sister, Madewell. The store was interestingly designed with a DJ booth on end of the second floor and a little cottage on the opposite end. The choice of clothes was great, especially the lovely old man sweater with the elbow patches that I love. Alice, Katy, Alison and I all found goodies in their reasonably priced sale section and took it upon ourselves to try on the clothes on the sales floor in front of the mirror.

We each came away with some lovely pieces!