Personal Recap.

I feel glorious. Highlights of the weekend.

- Going to Costco in Kirkland, WA. (aha! That's why costco has all that Kirkland stuff. There's actually a city named Kirkland) - Buying lots of used cds at Easy Street. Also, getting free cd singles AND the John Mayer, Weezer and Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack on record for free! - Eating dessert every day after every meal. Oh what a treat. My cousins are the best! - Saying, "Hello!!!!" to the Troll - Playing Rock Band - Watching a screening of "A Single Man" - Touring the nooks and crannies of Seattle with this dude. - Visiting Red Hook and learning and having the best tour guide EVER - Eating the most delicious tofu dish and the most incredible tempura brie with raspberry soy sauce at Wann.

last but not least... - working in one of my favorite libraries!

p.s. What would you do if the man who sat across from you smelled like B.O. and there weren't any other tables left to work on? answer: I sprayed my workstation with perfume. Score! :) (I hid the perfume with my computer)