I'm not sure why I've been boy crazy my whole life.  Even now, when I'm not particularly looking for a relationship, I'm still a bit boy crazy.  The other day I was at Bible study when I got to thinking about my priorities in my life.  I don't mean to be boy crazy... I'm not sure how to even stop it, but I know I am to some degree... and it's often a higher priority than God.  I think about all the time in my life that I've wasted in pursuit of a relationship or thinking about boys, and wonder why I haven't spent any of those minutes, hours or days thinking instead of God and more actively pursuing a relationship with Him.  As a believer I easily fall into ruts in my relationship with God. It's hard to even recognize that I'm in those ruts until my life falls apart and I realize it's because I've squeezed God out of my life. I'm fortunate that right now, I'm aware of my relationship status with God and not reliant on some catastrophe in my life to bring it to my attention.

The Lord is truly the great love my life.

It's a shame I so often forget it.



p.s. what's my pursuit now?  Becoming a woman of God who possesses "...the unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit..." 1 Peter 3:4