Why do asian people always sit next to me??? Examples: - There are tons of seats everywhere in this library, but the one token asian guy sits next to me.. the only other Asian in this library. He proceeds to draw the blinds next to me without even asking me. I have to tell him to leave it open so i have some light to see my work! Added bonus... he has a runny nose and keeps making a honking noise whenever he sniffs. - On bart I'll be riding with multiple bags, one on my lap and one on the seat next to me. There will be plenty of seats everywhere, but sure enough an asian person will come and sit next to me... often on top of my bag. - I will be sitting on the bus in the back of the bus and there are plenty of seats. In fact I'm sitting on a row that has four or five seats, and an asian person will sit next to me. - I will ride on bart and once again there will be lots of seats everywhere. And the one other asian person on board sits next to me.

It's like some Asian people need to sit next to the only other Asian in the room.

Lord, please give me patience. Some asian people are so annoying.

p.s. I'm Asian. I think I'm allowed to complain about my own people. p.p.s. By Asian, I actually mean Chinese because these people are almost always Chinese looking. boo.