RPTE 1: More than twenty four hours later...

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Days 1-3: Travel and Bangkok

My travels started on Thursday, December 3 at 7:30am when I left my house for my 11am flight. Now it's Saturday, December 5, 1:53am Bangkok time which is about 10:56am Friday, California time.

Some highlights of my trip: - Watching tons of movies. On Air Nippon Airways (ANA) you get your own personal screen and remote control which can be used to play games, watch tv shows and movies, and listen to music. Choosing when you want to watch the movie was golden (as opposed to other airlines where you have to schedule your naps strategically to watch the scheduled movies that you want). So I watched 5 movies on my first flight (11 hours) and two movies on my second flight (7 hours). Julie & Julia. Time Traveler's Wife. 500 Days of Summer. Funny People. Coco Before Chanel. Shawshank Redemption. Lake House. - The flight attendants kept speaking to me in Japanese. These attendants were also very cute with smart uniforms with matching accessories which included silk scarves and aprons. Uber cute. - The food was delicious, but I was disappointed there wasn't any Japanese curry (which is my fave). - Although they did not have my tasty green apple juice, they did have some tasty apple juice. It tasted like real apples and had just the right amount of sweetness, which brought to my attention how sugary and processed American apple juice tastes. - The mixed rice cracker snacks they passed out on the plane were delightful - A little old grandpa sat next to me on my flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. He was wonderful. He gave me his blanket. He took my garbage and tray for me when I was done. He even helped me fill out my customs forms in Thailand. He also did not speak a word of English. I love little old people. <3

So now I'm in my wonderful suite... relaxing in a robe. But here are some pictures from the past two/three days.

My view from the plane

Bangkok Airport

My suite...<3

Good night, everyone! I'm off to sleep in my sweet suite!