RPTE 10: Royal Temple

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 4: Bangkok

Royal Temple, or so that's what we think it is. Descriptions of buildings were no where in sight and oddly enough, my travel book did not provide information about the King's Royal Residence or the different buildings/areas on the grounds. We suspect all the monarchy was buried in this area.

I read somewhere that these buddhist monks cannot touch woman or receive anything directly from a woman, so this particular set up (which makes the monk look like he thinks the girls have cooties, in my opinion) incidentally makes me giggle and smile.

Within the largest temple (in this compound area) was a brilliantly lit courtyard. I spent a good amount of time snapping pictures. It was beautiful. Sometimes it creeps me out that I'm in a cultist worship ground, where I can only imagine evil spirits may visit. Thank goodness for my Holy Spirit who protects me.