RPTE 13: Good Bye, Hello

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 5: Bangkok

Today marks my last day in Bangkok. I'm a little sad. My two travel buddies and I are meeting with another girl from the trip, and we'll take her to the touristy of touristy of palaces in Bangkok, the Grand Palace. The rest of our group from the Raddest Photo Trip Ever is currently flying here and will not arrive for another 17 hours at 1am tomorrow.

I'll be staying in the airport tonight, so today also marks the last day I'll have my own room and be able to enjoy breakfast in bed in this wonderful suite. But in 24 hours I will be on a plane to Phuket and ready to throw on my bathing suit for tanning, relaxing and massages on the beach!!!

P.s. I'm still totally listening to Christmas music while in bed while eating breakfast while (kind of) packing!