RPTE 8: Dusit Zoo

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 4: Bangkok

Even though you can go to a zoo most anywhere, it's always I an experience I enjoy no matter where I visit. Dusit Zoo is particularly interesting as half park/half zoo. The zoo provided an experience that was pretty standard, although, the elephants and giraffes (and I love giraffes) were closer and more accessible to pet than any other zoo I've ever been to.

Here's Nick taking a picture of his shaved ice while trying to steady the camera on his shoulder.

Foliage and plants covered exhibit areas and gave a pretty good feel of the wilderness. Water falls were even in some of the areas.

When the zookeepers took the elephants (mama, papa and baby) out of their little enclosure, I saw that elephants getting ready for a performance, so I decided right then and there I'd watch the show. The show actually featured acrobatics of Kenyans, and the elephants merely closed the show. These elephants performed a great show, playing kickball, peeing on command, dancing, walking on two legs and a myriad of other talents. Cute!

The man elephant actually walked the width of the stage on his front two legs while his hind legs were crossed and in the air

After the show, the elephants collected tips

We continued to explore the zoo and saw lots of wonderful animals.