RPTE 15: amazing.

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 8: Phuket

Today was absolutely THE most amazing day. We went to this snake farm here in Phuket where I went into a pit with three mangrove cobra snakes and basically tried to intimidate them so they'd lunge towards me. I didn't get bit and the experience was absolutely amazing.

After that we went off to the Freedom beach. We rode a "long boat" as they call it to the island. The boat was amazing with great views of the water and what not. We arrive to find it's a tiny, secluded beach with super clear water. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring, hanging out in the ocean and playing volleyball. Besides the locals, we were the only people on that beach. AMAZING.

p.s. we played volleyball against the locals and totally won.

To find out more about our trip, Bobby's been updating some super awesome pictures!