RPTE 25: Cobra Crazy

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 8: Phuket

On this particular day, we headed out to the snake farm to see some awesome cobras. I really love snakes. I'd say pythons are my favorite. The snake farm was a two-fold activity. First we toured the farm and checked out the different animals they had. A river otter named Harry surprised us as he wandered freely throughout the area. The second part of the visit consisted of a show where a man made cobras get angry so the cobras would lunge at the person. I joined in of course! (click the pictures for a larger view)

Nick holds the most gentle snake alive. The snake's skin is gorgeous and iridescent in the sun. Here's the pit the guy was in.  As you can see the cobras are angry.  Little known fact:  the cobras don't have those wide cheeks normally (like I thought); their cheeks flare up when they're angry.  Bad news:  you might run into a cobra in the wild and not even realize it.  Good news:  cobras don't see very well and can only detect motion, so if you run into one, just stay still and you won't get hurt!

The cobra was beautiful.

Here I am intimidating the snake! Woot. The only girl who did it..! It was so exciting!

Pretty self-explanatory.  This is SOOOo amazing.  He was kissing the snake for a long time.

Cutest kid ever holding the most gentle snake ever.

This kid really loved that snake.  When someone tried to take the snake away, the little boy started to cry.  So cute!

Later we met another momma elephant.  This one is cute.  I like the freckles.

Check out how I felt about the whole experience here.

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