RPTE 26: The Perfect End

Raddest Photo Trip Ever Day 8: Phuket

After our adventure with the snakes, we headed out on long boats to Freedom Beach. Bobby and his wife had never been there before, and I was excited to experience something new with them. The trip on the boat was amazing. As the boats raced to the beach, I saw that it was small, beautiful and secluded. At the moment I felt like I was truly experiencing Phuket.

We took two boats and here's the group on the other group!

I love the pieces of fabric wrapped around the boat for good luck.

We had to bury someone in the sand!

On the beach, a long set of stairs led up to this fabulous cliff/lookout point that overlooked the beach and ocean.  In the background, you can see our two long boats.

Amy sits enjoying the beautiful view.

The sunset was so gorgeous, I didn't have to process this image at all.

The view from our boat as we left our secluded island.

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