The most frustrating Christmas surprise.

Since I returned from Thailand/Cambodia, I've been enjoying my extended time without a phone.  "Where is my phone?" you may ask... it's a long story.... On July 4, my friend was really drunk and broke my phone. - He ordered me a new phone, but it wouldn't go through because the shipping and billing addresses were different - I ordered it.... and a week later they emailed me saying they didn't have my phone - I ordered it through a different carrier - I order the phone with two day delivery, but the online store I bought it from sent it ground shipping instead. So in addition to the two weeks it took to process my order, it will actually come in two weeks, not two days. - I wait patiently until I find out they wrote the wrong address and it got re-routed. - They resend my package and turns out they sent me the wrong phone. I have to pay to return the phone so they can send me the correct phone. - They receive the wrong phone that they had sent me, and send me the correct phone.. but I don't receive it more than a month later. - October, I finally receive my phone. - November, the phone breaks and I send it to LG to get it fixed. - December 24, LG sends me back my phone through FedEx and it is delivered and signed by Mr. Garcia. The package never got to my house and no one in my house ever signed it.

Somehow FedEx messed up and I don't have a phone... still. LG is being a pain and making me go through all this red tape to get me a phone.

I am frustrated.