I am exactly where I was a year ago. But this time around the only thing that's changed is my outlook, and I must attest that that has changed everything.

I started 2009 on the wrong side of the bed, heartbroken from a failed relationship and discouraged by unemployment.  I reached my twenty-fifth birthday with great denial and sadness, realizing I was nowhere near where I wanted to be in life.  At the beginning of last year I let my situation get the best of me.  But not this year!

It's been exactly 17 months since I was laid off. I still haven't found an architecture or construction job, and at times my dreams of building schools and being an architectural consultant with a large general contractor seem to fade.  I don't know if I'm okay that I might be one of those architects who never becomes an architect, but I know I'm happy to see where my life leads whether it be photography, architecture or whatever.  I've been working with Junshien for a year now, and I am in so many indescribable ways thankful to work for him.  It has afforded me experience, guidance and the opportunity to travel.  I am so thankful for the array of photographers that I've been able to shoot with for the past year and half, and incredibly thankful for the abundance of friends and clients who have supported and encouraged me.

I'm still single but happy to say my heart is ready for some lovin.  I'm currently taking applications for man-friend/travel-buddy/professional-Meg-boyfriend, so fingers crossed I'll survive this journey of single-womanhood.  :)

God has been so good to me through 2009, and I'm so excited to see what He will do in 2010.

(picture was taken Jan. 7, 2010 from inside the San Leandro Manor Public Library, while I was editing.  picture was edited/formatted using poladroid)