Thank goodness.

Originally I used this blog to share my intimate thoughts and feelings anonymously to the unknown world. Now that some people who read this blog actually know me, much of what I write I censor nowadays. (I don't want people to know just how crazy I am). Right now stress overwhelms my heart. And if you know me at all, I am fairly good with preventing myself from stress. Call it apathy or avoidance or whatever, I try not to get stressed. But over the last few days I just couldn't get away from it. I actually ran into. Epic fail.

I have had the worst weekend EVER.

I need to talk about this and let it go to de-stress myself, but the thought of literally speaking of it with someone fills me uncontrollable anxiety and a huge, mean dinosaur seems to want to sit on my chest as there becomes a heavy pressure on my upper body. So for now, to you, Mr. Internet, I cannot describe how much this weekend has impacted my life.