Getting Lost.

DC/Seattle Trip Day 2 When I found out my good friend, Liz, was out in Washington, DC for an internship, a handful of us decided to head out to visit her. My first day in DC I arrived at night and was welcomed by Liz.  With my flexible schedule, I went a little earlier than everyone else, so I would be spending my first day alone.  Liz equipped me information about all the wonderful places I should visit, including the White House which was literally down the street from her apartment.

I took the following pictures with a combo of my dslr and my point-and-shoot.  Click on the images for a larger view!

The path around the White House was covered in fallen leaves.

I took a picture of myself with the White House in the background.  You can't tell.. but I swear it's there.

You can't tell, but the White House is much, much smaller than I had imagined.

Somewhere along my adventure through DC, I got lost... very lost.  It was glorious when I found this cute street.

I love gingko leaves!

Riding the subway reminded me of the Bay Area's BART system, just like my friend, Katy described.  The actually subway stations created a very unique experience.  The escalators scaled deep, deep down underground and the platforms were both serene and eerily dark.