It's my birthday!

Nope.. it's not really my birthday. But today IS my birthday party. Wooohoo. With all the birthday celebrations in my family, my brother and I, who usually have a busy schedule... (I have a busy schedule? yeah! go figure!), decided to celebrate our birthdays together. His birthday was two days ago and mine is in a month and a half. For birthdays our family usually goes all out... and today will be no different. Today we are having a potato party... potato pancakes, sausage, chilli and baked potatoes. Probably the most unhealthy meal my brother and I could have chosen but very fitting if you knew us. Ryan doesn't eat the healthiest and my choices ordinarily cause people to scratch their heads with confused looks on their faces. We're not going to have cake either because Ryan and I don't like cake... I don't really like baked goods or chocolate... I'll eat the gingerbread cookies, madelines and white chocolate like there's no tomorrow, but everything else is kind of "eh".

Side note: My sister-in-law asked... "Are there going to be any vegetables?" My response: "Aren't potatoes vegetables?"

Anyways... today will be glorious.

Here's a picture from the day of Ryan's birthday when it rained. Notice the pink sky at sunset and the saying "Red at night, sailor's delight" (meaning the following day would have great weather...which it did have.)

p.s. Anyone else think it's ironic that I'm celebrating my birthday on the day of two of my ex-boyfriend's birthday? I do. hahaha. sucka.