Peru 5: My heart for architecture..

Peru Day 2: Cusco Once we dropped everything off at our hostel, we headed to the main city plaza called Plaza de Armas, which in Inca time was called Huacaypata which means "Square of the Warriors" for some exploring. Our first Cusco experience consisted of walking down the steps of a narrow road, trying to avoid cars, animals and other pedestrians. I was elated when, two blocks from emerging from our hostel, we met a cute little old woman in traditional clothing and her two alpacas. (I later discovered this was like her beat. For the rest of the trip, I found her and her two alpacas asking tourists for money to take pictures of her and her little buddies.) Anxious to take a picture of her (because I love old people) and her alpaca (oh you bet I love alpacas, too!).

This little old lady was adorable. This is a look she gave some other tourists, who after taking plenty pictures of her, refused to give her many. (All she was asking for was a sole, which is the equivalent of thirty US cents). She had so much character.

I love architecture. Upon reaching the town square, my love for architecture was renewed. I graduated from college with a Bachelor in Architecture with minors in Sustainable Environments and City and Regional Planning, and this city square reminded me much of architecture, sustainability and urban planning. This plaza was alive with people. I loved it.

Even at night, the plaza filled with the vibrant energy of locals.