Long Hair Woes.

I actually love having long hair.

During my last year in college I went off to New York for and decided I'd chop off all my hair.  At that time my hair was about halfway down my butt, so I obviously got a lot of attention, especially from boys, which I loved.  When I took the leap and cut off 27 inches of my hair, I consciously accepted I'd get hit on less.  (haha. yeah I know. a bit shallow, but hey! I'm human).  I got a bob at first, but later when I went in for a trim, the hair cutter gave me a mullet instead.  I cut of the mullet and had a really short cut which they had to shave the back of my neck.

Anyway, long story short, I started growing out my hair again (which is my pattern, grow it long, cut it short) in June 2007.  Since then my hair has gotten VERY, VERY long.  Now it's at that point where it gets everywhere.  When I sleep I get tangled up in it and sometimes it wakes me up.  It gets caught in my coats and my scarves.  It gets caught in other people's faces.

A couple of days ago was a first....

I got my hair caught in a security tag at a clothing store when I was trying on a dress and couldn't get it out.  :(

wonk wonk.

My friend tried to untangle it, but she couldn't get my hair out of it.  So I stood there, half in the dressing room, half in the open, standing in my skivies.  I thought they might have to cut it out. :(  Happy ending, they took the security tag off the dress.  ahah Yay.

Check out the picture below to see how long my hair is now!

p.s. SECRET: I want to cut my hair short again... this time I want a pixie.