Travel Ritual.

It is customary (nearly mandatory) for me to procrastinate and pack last minute when I travel.  I suppose it could be my overconfidence in my ability to pack or my laziness or even my "busy" life.  All in all, packing usually starts after midnight (when I have morning or afternoon flights) with a loud anthem of songs to get me in the mood.  Soon followed by movies and packing.  Tonight I was a bit distracted, so instead of the usual one movie... I've watched two: Sex and the City and the Holiday. If you're any bit insightful, you might infer a correlation between the two movies that could be closely related to how I'm feeling.  I suppose, though, my favorite packing/traveling movies have become Julie and Julia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the Holiday and the Roman Holiday.  Good times.  I've tried watching Band of Brothers, but that was too serious for packing.  I've also tried tv series, but I don't get anything done when I watch those.

Either way, I feel like I live in airports.  I'll be spending more than 24 hours traveling with more that 12 hours in airports each way.  I have posts scheduled while I'm gone...but I suspect that this particular trip will be over before I know it.

Here are pictures from my last meetup with Mr. Airport.