Some of the boys who run wordpress are super adorable.  I like boys who can code and talk about robots.

Oh how I love the nerds.  I just want to shoot them an "letters from crushes".

Hello Adorable Wordpress Man, You're super cute.  When I read the wordpress updates my heart flutters childishly like I'm 14 again.  Maybe you should come over and have a drink with me in a cute coffee shop, and we can code together.  You can sit across from me, and we can sneak glances at each other from over our matching MacBook Pros. ~Silly Blogger


Chances are and with my luck... they're all probably married. oh well!  haha Oh... and by the way.  I finished coding my blog.  CSS is hard to understand!  Especially when I'm trying to recode existing code.  Turns out that the coding I wrote for the design of my blog looks a tad like the ProPhoto blog from NetRivet.  Woops!  I'll be changing it some more as time progresses.  Life is good.  If my future man-friend-for-life doesn't like coding or robots, I sure hope he likes a girl who does.  :)  Anyway, I'm just being silly.  It's really early in the morning, and I think I could possibly be jetlagged. haha.