Letters to Crushes.

I love letters to crushes.  It's a website that you can submit anonymous love letters to your crushes.  I read it in my google reader and secretly wish my crush would write one to me.  Most of the time the letters are heartwarming... but this one is the sweetest by far--a definite MUST-READ!

petite girl.

seeing you this morning was like being on cloud 9. i’ve missed you so much. when am i going to stop being so stupid and just come right out and say i love you while we’re flipping pancakes? i’m tired of being afraid. i’m tired of being introduced as your ‘best friend.’ change that to ‘boyfriend’ and next time we can have waffles instead of pancakes.

because you like waffles better.

i almost told you how i felt this morning. you were drinking pineapple juice and doing the dishes. instead i just asked you to be my date for my cousin’s wedding. of course you said yes. of course you don’t think it’s a real date. and of course i ruined the moment by telling some cheesy joke about dishwater and politics.

but you laughed.

so it was worth it.

breakfast tomorrow will be different. i promise. i’ll stop being a coward. I WILL BE BRAVE. and i will ask you out. for real. i won’t write you silly letters on this website. i will write real letters. and i’ll leave them in your coffee mug. because i’m not satisfied anymore. i’m not. i’m not. i’m not.

i want to be more to you than what i am.

i love you. you’re my best friend. you’ve been my best friend since we were 15 years old. i love all of you. i love the way you don’t mind my crazy bed-head in the mornings when you come over. or how you say “photograph” wrong. the pretty little mole on your left wrist. i love that you always wear your slippers to the grocery store. i love that you know what i’m thinking.

i love you.

i want to marry you.

i decided that the moment i met you in high school. i decided you would be my wife. and eating breakfast with you as friends for the past 7 years has made me want that even more.

but first i just have to ask you out for real.

i feel like throwing up.

i can’t even imagine proposing to you.

i need to take this one step at a time. i need to learn not to joke at important conversation points. like discussions over dating.

and i need to find something to wear to that wedding tomorrow.

— tall boy


how sweet is that!!!