confirmed the obvious.

I like to call myself a small-business owner; it makes me feel like a grown-up.(I feel more comfortable calling myself that than Miss Photographer Woman.)  I basically run a photography business which includes freelance photography and offering services to other photographers including album design, editing and assistant/second shooter work.  With taxes, deductions, expenses and personal/work stuff, I get confused with my finances... especially since my income comes from several different means.  I started using, and I love it.  (I think I'll start using QuickBooks for just my work finances, too.)

I can't really describe what does exactly, but for me it keeps all my bank accounts and credit cards in tip top shape as well as manages my budget.  Every week sends me an email telling me my top expenses.  Can any of you guess what my top expenses are?  Think.  Think.  Think.

Travel.  Public Transportation.  Coffee Shops.

A close fourth place is books.  I realized I buy A LOT of books.  I never read fiction.  I often buy books to help me learn something or learn about something.  Nowadays my book purchases consist only of photography, travel and business books.  Today, I found nirvana at Half Priced Books.... Here are the books I bought.....

p.s. thanks to I've cut my monthly expenses down to $300-$400.  (and that's including my $70 phone bill and the $90+ a month I spend on public transportation) woot.