daily commute

A couple of times each week, I head out to the city for meetings, meet-ups with friends or for an escape from distractions.  My commute every time has become routine, but I still enjoy it each and every time. I race out of my house and walk a couple of blocks to the nearest bus stop.  My bus stop is on a major street, so as I wait patiently by the side of the road, I wonder where the drivers are going and try to avoid the honking construction trucks and big rigs.  I'm always scared I've missed the bus, so seeing the bus turn the corner to my street is always a relief.

I hop on the bus, pay the fare and greet the driver.  I am a creature of pattern, so I try to sit on the same seat whether on the bus or the bart.  I sit and stare at all the wonderful things we're passing and examine the interior of the bus to see if it's one I've ridden before.  The bus takes me to the nearest bart stop and I walk through aisles of buses and reach the turnstiles.  I walk up the escalator and wait.

I get on my train and watch as we past station after station.  I stare at other passengers and  take sneaky pictures of them.  When I reach my station in the city, I climb more stairs then walk about five blocks to my new favorite coffee shop.  I sit, write, draw and and edit in my cozy coffee shop.

Then I go home.  :)