Summer Neutrals

With summer approaching and future trips to Las Vegas and Louisiana, I'm in need of some summer clothes.  I'd love to walk around in vivid tops and breezy sun dresses, but maybe that's not my style.  There are key pieces missing from my wardrobe, including casual summer clothes, going out dresses, going out tops, casual dresses, casual jackets and the list goes on.  I've figured out I'm most drawn to neutrals with bright accessories or professional looking clothing.  Sometimes I think I have the wardrobe of a 35 year-old women.... but eh... I love it.  Throw on a pair of dark skinny jeans from Uniqlo and a tank or button up shirt with flip flops or flats and I'm set!  Add one of my gazillion coats and I'm peachy! So as I went shopping for summer clothes, I was content to see a rack of neutrals eagerly waiting to be tried on.  I love it.