Travel Channel Gem

If you asked me, I've only been traveling for three and half years.  And during that whole time I've consumed books and books and books about traveling.  Traveling guides.  History books about where to travel too.  How to travel better.  Where to travel.  People writing about travel.  Even a subscription of travel and leisure. But would you believe I've only recently discovered the glory which is the Travel Channel?  Yes, I knew it existed.. I may have even seen an episode or two of Man v. Food and Bizaare Foods with Andrew Zimmern, but until last week I've never really watched it.

Among the many wonderful shows I enjoy, Man v. Food and Bizaare Foods with Andrew Zimmern are two of my favorites... But my absolute favorite is Dhani Tackles the Globe.

Here is the list of reasons why I love this show this much... - Dhani travels and really experiences local things. - It's actually incredibly filmed. I think the style is gorgeous. - Dhani gives a history lesson during each episode. - You learn about the local food and how's it's made - There are lots of interesting/cute old people on this show. :)