That thin line

There's a thin line between everything.  Fat and obese.  Blind and poor vision.  Appropriate and inappropriate.  And the list goes on. I just had an enlightening conversation with a friend.  He educated me on the push-and-pull of relationships.  My cousin already told me that in many relationships one person is reaching while the other person is settling.  (I'm usually the one settling... but I don't mean to.)  Well, my friend told me tonight about showing interest versus being too emotionally available.  With my last relationship, I was emotionally available and it was to my demise.  In reaction to that, I've become almost cold-hearted... and I kind of liked it.  I liked having a heart of stone; it meant I couldn't be hurt.  But who would have thought being emotionally closed off could push people away (yes, it sounds so obvious now that I'm writing it out.. but when you're left to your own thoughts like me, being emotionless to the opposite sex sounds brilliant).

So what my friend was preaching to me is actually something I can translate to all my relationships.  There's a good push and pull.  Get a bit of love, give a bit of love.  simple.

With that... here's a funny banner I saw at the Maker Faire.