In an hour I'm off to fly my 44th flight this year. I love the sweet hum of flying in the air. Yesterday was a long day. I had gone to bed at 5:30am after working relentlessly on an editing job. I was determined to finish so I wouldn't be rushed to get ready for my trip. Before I got to bed I listened to a voicemail I had received at 12:48am... It started with, "I'm sorry I'm calling so late, but..." and I had bit of a chuckle when I heard that (I've been going to bed at 5am pretty regularly nowadays).   Anyway, the same voice I listened to before I fell asleep woke me up at 7am, and despite my early morning delirium, I was happy to hear the voice.  I'm smiling now just thinking about it. Oh, but it's time to say good-bye!

I'm ready to get to the airport and sink into my seat on the airplane. yay!!!