take your cousin to work day.

Seattle Day 2! I was tempted to write swing set sthursday, but I already did fwednesday, so I thought I'd spare you.  Anyway, I had an enjoyable and relaxing day today.  Lovely.  Having grown up in a different state than my cousins, I don't feel like I had much opportunity to get to know them while we were growing up.  Even when we have family gatherings, the shear size of our family makes it difficult to get to know each other on a more personal level.  So opportunities to visit them here in their "natural habitat" is very enjoyable for me.

Knowing that I, myself, am different in group settings, I was eager to hang out with them in their everyday life.  And one aspect of that my cousin and his wife's lives as teachers and my other's cousin's job as a movie pr person.  So that included the tours of the schools and the screening of 'Waiting for "Superman"', a documentary about the education system in America that my cousin was promoting (I think that would be the word for it).  It was a great movie, and I'd recommend it to a friend.  (more on the movie in another post).

woops. I forgot I was on manual focus!