august adventure 8: a moment of vulnerability

Dance of Nomad: Day 12, New York, New York Today I was asked, "What makes you happy?"

I didn't immediately have an answer, but evaluating my trip so far, one thing stands out... Heart-to-heart talks and tender exchanges bring me happiness.  Depending on the person, my experiences have varied, but I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every conversation.  Usually at this point in my travels (the halfway point), I'll come to a very introspective realization... which comes from the combination of an examination of myself and these heart-to-heart conversations with friends.

I am so blessed to travel, in many ways it rejuvenates me and allows me to reconnect with God.  I believe with my whole heart that God has a purpose for everyone, Christian or not.  He places trials, blessings, people and circumstances in my life for a purpose.  Every time I get through a struggle or champion an insecurity, I deter that victory to God.  It's only through Him that I am able to survive life.

But back to what makes me happy.  The talks I've had on this trip have been incredible.  It amazes me how much I learn from each and every conversation.  And, I am overjoyed when I discover how well my friends know me. I started this trip to escape the struggles in my life, but instead I've found opportunities to develop my friendships.  On another trip I was flying from a layover in Utah when I met a man who had a heart for God.  He shared that everyone is a book.  Every person has a story and when they talk to you they're sharing a chapter in their life with you; it's up to you to take the time to invest in them to discover all the chapters in their life.  I really took that to heart.  I have many insecurities and fears, but I am blessed to have friends who challenge and encourage me to be a better person.  My aim is to do the same for them.

To care is to invest in others.

So the reason I share these semi-emo posts is because.... I strive to be broken and real, candid and honest.  I have nothing to hide.  Through all my struggles and insecurities, blessings and opportunities, I know God's unfailing grace and His unrelenting love.

with that... I'll leave you this video by Shade Tree Films of Bianca Juarez of  In the Name of Love (btw, she's Jasmine Star's twin sister).  I appreciate what she has to say about God's active roll in our life.

[vimeo w=900&h=600]

I know this post is overly disjointed, but these are the different things that are going through my head at the moment.   Have a good one, everyone!